Mission and Scope

Harvard Data Science Review (HDSR) features foundational thinking, research milestones, educational innovations, and major applications. It aims to publish articles that help to define and shape data science as a scientifically rigorous and globally impactful discipline based on the principled and purposed production, processing, parsing and analysis of data.  HDSR aims to be a new kind of digital platform that reflects the synergistic nature of data science. By uniting the strengths of a premier research journal, a cutting-edge educational publication, and a popular magazine, HDSR will provide a crossroads at which fundamental data science research and education intersect directly with societally important applications from industry, governments, NGOs, and others. The platform will foster dialogue among researchers, educators and practitioners about data science research, practice, literacy, and workforce development, thereby enhancing and creating efforts to advance our global community in the rapidly evolving digital age. It will leverage digital technologies and advances to emphasize multimedia dissemination, learning-oriented visualization, enhanced author-reader interactions, and a global presence.

HDSR prioritizes quality over quantity, with a primary emphasis on substance and readability, attracting readers via inspiring, informative, and intriguing articles, and authors via its multi-domain reader outreach platform, speedy review process, and flexibility in presentation styles; creative presentations are especially encouraged.  The editorial board and authors alike are drawn globally, with the intention to progressively increase coverage and diversity. Submissions are by invitation only after a screening process.  HDSR’s publications will be in a variety of forms, including research articles, discussion papers, special columns, interviews, tutorials, data science news, letters to editor.  HDSR plans to publish quarterly, with immediate digital release whenever an article is ready.